What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, E-transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, as well as cash and debit for in-store purchases.


How is your business responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

Please read; message from Amira pertaining to the Kenilworth policies and procedures, in light of COVID-19. 


What are your hours of operation?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Kenilworth has been operating (more or less) as a one-woman show. As such, maintaining regular shop hours has been a challenge. The shop is open by appointment only at this time. Please reach out to us here to schedule a visit.


What days do you deliver flowers?

Deliveries are available Wednesdays through Saturdays.


What are your delivery zones?

We deliver throughout Toronto, the GTA, York, Durham, Halton, and Peel.


What time can I expect my delivery to arrive?

Flower deliveries can be expected by 5PM for businesses and 7PM for residential addresses. If you have a specific time window you need your flowers to be delivered in, please get in touch with us directly at hello@kenilworthfloral.com. Additional delivery fees may apply for timed deliveries.


What happens if the recipient isn’t home to receive the flowers?

If there is no answer at the door our delivery driver will leave the flowers at the front door or with a concierge. A text or voicemail message will be left with the recipient letting them know where their flowers are. Please note: flowers cannot be left outside in temperatures below 2 degrees celsius, so if you are sending flowers in the winter please make sure the recipient is going to be home on the delivery date.  If there is no answer at the door and the temps are running below freezing the flowers will be returned to the shop and delivery will be attempted the next day at an additional charge


Can I place an order for pickup?

Absolutely! Flowers can be picked up at our shop at 2471 Dundas Street West Wednesdays through Sundays. While we are happy to accommodate same-day orders whenever possible, we highly recommend giving at least 24 hours notice to guarantee availability. 


Where do your flowers come from?

Where don’t our flowers come from? While we have a strong focus on local products in the summer months, we also use imports from November through April, when the Ontario-grown availability becomes limited.  A lot of our specialty product comes from Holland, while the majority of our long-stemmed roses come from Ecuador. 


How long will my arrangement last?

In the flower world there’s a rather annoying paradox we’re faced with, and that’s that the prettiest and most interesting flowers tend to be the ones that die the quickest. If we use only long-lasting flowers in a bouquet, it ends up looking like it came from the grocery store, so we always mix really interesting specimens with longer-lasting varieties; some last a few days, some last a few weeks.  

We develop our recipes to look good in a vase for around a week, however, we encourage our clients to play around with the flowers a bit; once the more delicate specimens die, you can rearrange the bouquet so that the longer-lasting ones are displayed more prominently. A bouquet doesn’t have to be a static object. It can take a few different forms before it meets its ultimate fate in the compost pile.


What happens if my product arrives damaged?

Although our flowers and candles are all thoroughly inspected prior to shipping, sometimes - for reasons beyond our control - accidents do happen in transit; especially when we’re dealing with products as delicate as ours. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so if you are not 100% happy with the quality of your product please email us at hello@kenilworthfloral.com within 24 hours of delivery with a description and photo of the damage or defect and we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can to rectify the problem. 


How do I take care of my flowers?

A cut flower’s two greatest foes are heat and bacteria. As such, we recommend keeping your arrangement out of direct sunlight and away from any heaters or exhaust fans. Make sure to top off the water in the vase when the flowers first arrive, and replace it with fresh water whenever it starts to look a little murky.


What is your return policy?

Because of the perishable nature of our product we do not offer refunds or exchanges.


Will the flowers I send look like the images on the website?

Because we have such a strong focus on seasonality, the flowers we carry in our shop change quite a bit from week to week. While the website images are great indicators of size and style, no two Kenilworth arrangements are alike, and recipes change weekly based on what we think looks the freshest and most interesting at market that week. 


Do you sell flowers by the stem?

Not generally. If you’re looking for single varieties we recommend checking out some of the amazing bucket shops in the city. We recommend Bloor Kennedy Flowers or Bloor Village Flowers (both by Runnymede Station) or the wonderful Avenue & Davenport flower district in midtown. 


Do you sell plants?

Sometimes! If we see something cool at the market we will bring it into the shop for purchase. However, our neighbour two doors north of us, Guy Young Flowers, has the plant game pretty well-covered. 


I sent you an inquiry on Instagram and haven’t received a response. What’s the deal?

On Instagram, if somebody messages us from an account that we do not already follow, their message ends up in a sub-folder and we are not notified. As such, days can go by before we notice these messages. If you have a business inquiry please email us to ensure the fastest response.


How far in advance should I reach out for flowers for a wedding or special event?

For full-service events we recommend reaching out 8-12 months prior to your date. Please note we do not quote events more than one year prior to the scheduled date. 


How much can I expect to spend on my wedding flowers?

There is no right answer to this question. While we have a minimum spend of $3000 for full-service weddings, your flower bill can easily run more than 10x that amount depending on how elaborate your vision is, how many guests are coming, and how far we have to travel to set up. The traditional belief is that flowers should be around 10% of your total wedding budget, but again, this is all according to preference.